How to Maintain Male Libido

Sex occupies an important place in the life of every single one of us. When problems with sex arise – life becomes dimmer, nothing is the same. So, what should you do if your man is less interested in sex with slavic brides? We have prepared some tips for you. Libido is basically sexual desire. The mechanism of this phenomenon is quite complex and is associated with the level of testosterone – the male sex hormone produced by the testes. Testosterone levels are regulated by the pituitary gland, and both erection and ejaculation occur at the command of the brain. So, if you still consider men to be quite simple creatures, who ready to do anything to get into the panties of the first woman they see – you are deeply mistaken. About half of all men face libido-related issues.

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The main symptoms of andropause:

  • A decrease in sexual desire,
  • irritability,
  • weight gain
  • decreased muscle tone, weakness.

The principle of treatment of male menopause is simple – hormone therapy. But there are less radical ways to fight it. Australian scientists recommend the following:

  • to eat healthy food (more fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy products),
  • regular exercise,
  • healthy sleep,
  • regular medical examinations, monitoring of the hormone levels in the body.

We should also talk about some bad habits. It is no secret that smoking and drinking alcohol significantly aggravate menopausal symptoms in men. Therefore, we can safely say that a healthy lifestyle is a key to a full sexual life of a man.

Here are 7 tips on how to increase your man’s libido.

1. Know everything about orgasm.

Men and women may experience different types of orgasms. Thus, there are several ways to achieve sexual climax. Try to explore all sorts of methods to achieve orgasm with your man. Look for new ways to give each other pleasure. After all, nothing destroys sexual harmony as much as monotony.

2. Fantasize and tease.

During the day, you can share your erotic fantasies with your partner. Try to do it literally at every opportunity that you have. You can even send your man some nude photos, just be sure that he doesn’t have his colleagues around or he is not in public transport.

3. Attain spiritual unity.

Sex should bring you not only physical but also an emotional pleasure. And for this, you need to achieve spiritual unity with your partner. By the way, this is why a woman cannot receive an orgasm if she is offended by her partner.

4. Strive towards everything new.

There must be something new each and every time you are planning to have sex. Moreover, it’s not just about trying out new sexual positions. You can buy some hot lingerie or some sex toys, don’t be afraid of visiting sex shops, it is completely normal.

5. Do your best

Try to look as attractive as possible. Your external beauty and your art of seduction will certainly increase the interest of your man in you because men value what they see.

6. Talk about sex more often.

A man needs sex to feel loved, and a woman needs to feel loved to have sex with a man. Talk about sex, flirt with your man, tease him throughout the day to make him excited.

7. Change his diet Start including aphrodisiac products in his and your daily diets. They not only increase the level of libido but also motivate you to experiment, which is also very important.

12 Facts About Female Libido You Should Know

Female libido is the secret behind seven seals, which many women (and men) don’t seem to understand. Today we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

Libido is a difficult and forbidden word that scares most women. It seems like there is some slut taboo. As if those women who care about their sexual lives are perverts and etc. This is not the case, of course. However, due to such a taboo, many women do not know the subtleties of their own bodies.

Here are the 12 facts about female libido that you should know of.

1. Libido is not just about wanting to have sex

A person may not want to have sex at all but may have a physical ability to do have sex. Roughly speaking, a single girls looking for marriage may be wet, but she won’t want sex. This is libido.

2. There is no “normal” level of libido

It is believed that the “normal” libido is when you want sex at all times and you are always ready to do it. But the “normal” level does not exist in the case of libido. Everyone has different needs and preferences. However, if you think that your level of libido has decreased for no reason – it may be a warning sign, visit a doctor.

3. The “perfect” libido harms the self-esteem

This is a continuation of the previous point. When you try to “maintain the perfect libido,” you force yourself to constantly want sex and start thinking that something is wrong with you if you don’t want it. Stay calm and remember that we are all different.

4. Everyone has different libido.

If your partner does not want to have sex at any given moment it does not mean that they don’t want to have sex with you. Most likely you just have a different temperament and level of libido.

5. Libido may vary.

It is no secret that the level of libido can get increased or lowered from taking certain medications. Sexual desire is reduced, for example, from taking antidepressants and medications that are taken for similar reasons.

6. All things affect libido

There are many factors that affect libido. This includes stress, the rhythm of life, and health. Literally anything can influence your level of libido, but this doesn’t mean that you should be constantly worried about it, it is normal.

7. Age

It is no secret that our body and brain change with time. It is the same with libido. But it can not only get weaker but on the contrary, become stronger than ever.

8. Libido is not sex-related.

It is believed that men always want sex and women do not, but they still participate in it nonetheless. These are just stereotypes. Sexual desire and libido are not related to gender. Not at all.

9. Strong libido does not mean that you are more likely to have an orgasm.

Having a high libido doesn’t necessarily mean that you are bound to experience an orgasm. There are many factors that can mess with a woman’s ability to experience orgasm, but libido doesn’t really have anything to do with it.

10. Low-level of libido should not be associated with sexual trauma.

Not at all. A negative experience of the past won’t affect your libido, yet it will affect your mental state.

11. If you want to increase your level of libido – first ask yourself why.

Often the desire to increase the level of libido is associated with the stereotypes or desires of a partner. When it comes to stereotypes – as we’ve said, don’t buy into them. When it comes to your partner’s libido – there is no other option but to have a discussion about it, try to find the golden mean.12. Changes in libido can be noticed if you know yourself

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